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Grooming :: Strickland Sensations


Grooming DVD Set

Professional dog handler and groomer, Erik Strickland, guides you through all the grooming steps you need to prepare your Golden Retriever for the show ring. For over twenty years, Erik has perfected his specific grooming system.

Take advantage of Erik’s knowledge, skills, and tricks of the trade, which made him such a successful and well-respected handler. Learn what it takes to compete with the best and to and have an extra edge in the show ring. You will not be disappointed.

This comprehensive two-disc DVD set contains over four and a half hours of hands-on instruction, quick tips, and secrets to Erik's successful grooming system. From head to tail, you will learn how to groom your Golden Retriever to perfection for the show ring.

Erik teaches you all the essential steps in his proven grooming system:
· Concepts of Grooming
· Pre-Bath Evaluation
· Blow Drying
· Trimming - Head to Tail
· Tools & Supplies
· Day-Of Show Preparation

Learn how to properly trim all parts of your dog for better success in the ring:

· Feet & Hocks
· Head, Ears, Whiskers
· Neck & Shoulders
· Back
· Tail
· Feathers

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Grooming Tools

Strickland Sensations is proud to offer a variety of tools to assist you with your grooming needs. High-quality scissors, stripping knives, tooth scalers and professional leather cases to hold these valuable tools are available in our store!
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